Group of senior friends at a retirement community. Studies have shown that seniors live longer at retirement communities - and they are happier too!

Seniors Live Longer and Happier at Retirement Communities

Bethesda Health | October 8, 2020

For years, the primary goal of many older adults was to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

However, as older Americans have learned about the opportunities and advantages offered at independent retirement communities, that philosophy is changing. Living in a retirement community provides many seniors with a higher quality of life, and studies indicate seniors living in retirement communities may be living longer and stronger, meaning they become frail less quickly than those who remain in their own home. Residents of independent retirement communities enjoy better health and could potentially live longer because of it.

Living Longer and Stronger

According to research,  seniors who move to a retirement community settings live 7-10 years stronger, not just longer, compared to continuing to live in their private homes. They have less stress because of the maintenance-free, carefree lifestyle. There are opportunities to socialize, benefiting their mental health, and opportunities to take care of their physical health by participating in exercise and wellness programs. Plus, seniors in independent retirement communities have the peace of mind in knowing there are services available if help is needed.

Seniors who live in their own homes face obstacles like stairs and other hazards that can affect the ease of their daily living. Most senior living communities are specially designed to be easily navigable for older adults. With adult children who work, a senior who is living alone and becomes ill or suffers a fall could go hours or more without being discovered by someone who can help them. In an independent retirement community optional safety measures are in place. Residents can participate in a daily check program should they desire this service. This service provides peace of mind and a sense of security for the resident.

As we age, we may find our social circle beginning to shrink.  When this occurs seniors may find themselves more isolated or lonesome.  When living in an Independent Retirement Community, residents have the opportunity to enjoy going out into the community at any time of the day to spend time with friends.  Opportunities to engage with others are literally right outside the doorway!  This social aspect of a retirement community adds to over-all well-being and successful aging!

Advantages of Retirement Community Living:

Everything Seniors Need in One Place

While living in a retirement community, Seniors have access to comprehensive wellness programs that stimulate their minds and help maintain their strength and flexibility. It is no secret that exercise helps to improve  over-all health and well-being at any age! It’s difficult to replicate the sort of comprehensive care seniors can obtain in a retirement community at their private home.

In a retirement community, the residents have many more choices than if they remain in their home. If they decide they want to have a quiet day and stay in their apartment home, they can certainly do that. Having access to wellness programs, nutritious meals, friends with common life experiences and peace of mind combined with safety and security all help to contribute to the overall health and wellness of our residents.

They key to longer and healthier life is addressing all of the needs of seniors together.

Seniors who take part in a comprehensive wellness program maintain a level of independence as well as a more active lifestyle longer than those not participating in a wellness program.

Bethesda has retirement living options across the St. Louis area. Learn more about a community near you, and contact us to schedule a virtual or in-person tour.

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