A senior couple hugs to celebrate their move to an assisted living community in autumn.

Why Autumn is a Great Season to Move to an Assisted Living Community

Bethesda Health | October 3, 2019

Autumn is a time of golden sunshine, long shadows, crisp temperatures, and multi-colored leaves adorning trees and carpeting the ground.

The beautiful falling leaves may remind an older adult how much work autumn requires: raking, cleaning out gutters, winterizing the lawnmower, and the preparation for snow and ice removal. These are tasks that senior adults may find increasingly difficult or impossible to perform.

These and many other reasons can make autumn the perfect time to move to an assisted living community.

Why Move to an Assisted Living Community in Autumn?

Avoid the Spring Moving Rush

It’s no secret that most people move in the spring and early summer. Moving companies are in greater demand during that time, which means scheduling a moving company is more difficult and the cost of moving will be higher than it would in the slower autumn season. Some assisted living communities, such as Bethesda Hawthorne Place in St. Louis, can provide assistance.

Beat Winter When You Move to an Assisted Living Community

Winter brings many inconveniences and hazards for senior adults, including icy sidewalks and streets, cold temperatures, and shoveling snow. Winter also creates issues of isolation for the older adult, brought on by inclement weather. Getting to doctor’s appointments, shopping, and running other errands become much more challenging; however, some assisted living communities offer transportation services.

In addition, the chance of a debilitating fall for a senior adult during a move is more likely in winter. Autumn, with its milder temperatures, offers a safer reprieve before winter closes in.

The milder autumn weather also makes downsizing easier—whether it is having a beautiful day for a yard sale or cooler weather for family members who will be receiving and transporting cherished items given to them by the parent.

Enough Time to Prepare for the Holidays

In early autumn, winter holidays are still a few weeks away. There is time to settle into a new apartment within an assisted living community, decorate your new living quarters, and invite friends and relatives to visit during the holidays.

Assisted living communities offer many socializing activities to celebrate autumn, and not battling summer heat makes it easier for seniors to engage in more outdoor activities, make new friends, and get to know their new neighbors before harsh winter weather arrives.

Make Home Repair and Sale Easier

During late summer, the senior adult’s home can undergo needed repairs and renovation to make the property ready to sell. External repairs require good weather, and repair costs may be lower towards the start of autumn.

Because fewer properties are for sale during the fall months, there is less competition for selling the home. People who were unable to buy a home in the spring or summer may be more eager to buy in the autumn before the holiday season begins. Home listings with vivid fall images foliage and décor will make the home look more attractive.

Find more tips for downsizing and moving into a senior living community on our blog, and schedule a tour at one of Bethesda’s Assisted Living communities near you.

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