Wheatley Keynote Speaker During Legacy Society Luncheon

Bethesda Health | November 2, 2018

Ed Wheately was our keynote speaker at the Legacy Society luncheon on October 24 at the Saint Louis Woman’s Club. Ed shared the Browns legacy, one that many of  our audience knew growing up in St. Louis.  Joining Ed Wheatley were the other two authors, Bill Borst and Bill Rogers.  All three are members of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society, founded in 1984 to promote and preserve the legacy and memorabilia of the St. Louis Browns American League Baseball Club. Interestingly,  one of our residents, Bob Kruger  (lives at Bethesda Orchard) was the bat boy in 1953 for the Browns. Bob entered a contest featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by submitting a poem to St. Louis Browns’ owner, Bill Veeck.  Bob was one of ten finalists in the contest and ultimately, through his creative writing approach, Bob landed the position of bat-boy for the Browns in 1953, which I believe was the last year the Browns played in St. Louis!  How about that!!  Here is the short poem that Bob Kruger wrote to Mr. Veeck:

Ever since I was quite small, I always loved the game baseball!

I laughed I cried I often prayed, that the important run be made.

But when that run did not come across, I knew we did our best but lost.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine me part of their team­

I would be overcome with joy, if I could be the Browns’ Bat Boy!

What a wonderful afternoon of memories.

The Bethesda Legacy Society is comprised of donors who have donated at least $500 to the Foundation. For more information on becoming a Legacy Society member contact Pam Moore at foundation@bethesdahealth.org or 314-800-1916.

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