Adult Day Care Helps Manage Caregiver Stress

Drew Jones | August 14, 2014

While caregivers may appreciate the idea of adult day care in St. Louis, it may be difficult for them to allow someone else to take care of their loved one.

A caregiver’s work is often selfless and pertinent to the person that is receiving the care. Many times, the caregiver is a family member of the loved one being cared for. Sometimes it is difficult for the caregiver to send a loved one to adult day care in St. Louis because they feel guilty for having someone else provide for their loved one.

However, entrusting your loved one’s care to another for a short period of time is a safe and healthy way to maintain your relationship with your loved one. It is very important for the caregiver to take time for themselves so they can relieve stress, stay healthy, and maintain a happy home environment for themselves and their loved one.

Studies Support Caregiver Benefits of Adult Day Care

According to recent studies, adult day care can reduce caregivers’ emotional distress and may even protect against illness. Recent studies from Pennsylvania State University have shown that a hormone produced by the adrenal gland, DHEA-S, gets exhausted when you’re under prolonged stress, which is common in a caregiver’s situation. The study suggests that adult day care gives the body a break, allowing you to recover from stress and protect against sickness and possible health issues.

One of the most beneficial things that adult day care in St. Louis gives the caregiver is a break. In addition, a caregiver is often unable to complete everyday tasks. Participating in adult day care can free up time for them to do grocery shopping, laundry and other work around the house.

Studies have shown that caregivers were less angry and depressed on a day that they used day care than when their loved one did not go to day care. By allowing caregivers to take some time for themselves, adult day care in St. Louis promotes a happier environment at home.

Benefits of Adult Day Care for Your Loved One

Of course, adult day care in St. Louis is as beneficial to the care receiver as the care giver. Adult day care offers your loved one a variety of services and activities that encourage participants. Some of the activities and services provided include:

These activities and more are structured to encourage seniors to:

Adult day care services are highly professional and provide a relaxed setting and activities. It is a way to get reliable help and protect you from damaging stress.

For assistance caring for your senior loved one, contact Bethesda.

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