Questions to Ask Your St. Louis Home Health Care Provider

Bethesda Health | January 15, 2015

nurse in home careIn a previous blog, we discussed how to find a St. Louis home health care agency. However, one of the most important steps in the process—screening your options—can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what questions to ask.

While the majority of your questions might be specific to your unique care situation, there are some general guidelines you can follow when interviewing a home health care agency.

How Is My “Care Plan” Developed?

A plan of care outlines the services caregivers will carry out for your benefit. Before this care plan takes effect, it’s a good idea to understand how it will be created in the first place. Usually, a registered nurse or qualified, licensed therapist from the St. Louis home health care agency will assess the patient and family to develop a comprehensive plan of care. Once created, a nurse, therapist or home health aide will carry out the plan on a regular basis. Find out how these plans are created and implemented from the home health care agency.

How Often Is Care Provided?

Plans of care should specify how often you will receive care from the St. Louis home health agency. It will include the days and times when you will receive on-site visits from your home health care provider at your home. Avoiding scheduling conflicts or time constraints ensures you have the highest quality of care possible. The frequency of care will be based on your individual needs.

How Are Caregivers Supervised & Evaluated?

Nurses, therapists and home health aides are in place to improve your recovery. Therefore, it’s essential that they are qualified to handle your needs. The St. Louis home health care agency should consider each employee’s professional and personal references, as well as:

In addition, the home health care agency you choose should supervise and evaluate their staff on a regular basis. Once every two weeks should suffice to ensure you are getting the quality care you deserve.

Can I Request a Replacement?

The St. Louis home health care agency’s management team should be understanding if for any reason (personality, work ethic, etc.) you desire a change in who is providing your care. Many home health care agencies allow patients to request a replacement if they are dissatisfied with their caregiver, and it is within your rights to ask for their policies prior to hiring them as your care partner.

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