Bethesda Terrace

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Exceptional Dining at Bethesda Terrace

Dining at Bethesda Terrace, you will experience true restaurant-style dining.  We are pleased to offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Choose your two meals a day based on your schedule. Each day, your chef prepares a variety of seasonal and local selections, in addition to “always available” selections, home-made soups to provide you with a wide range of menu options. Your meal is prepared to order and delivered to your table by trained hospitality professionals in true restaurant-style fashion, for an exceptional dining experience – every day.

Your experience dining at Bethesda is grounded in our commitment to making delicious food from scratch using fresh ingredients. It’s a commitment embodied in our “Fresh Food Pledge,” which you will find posted prominently in the kitchen, signed by every member of the dining team. The “Fresh Food Pledge” is our commitment to create an authentic dining experience for each resident that is:

  • From scratch
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Seasonal and local
  • Healthful offerings

Bethesda’s commitment to the health and wellness of residents is evident in both the healthy approach we take to meal preparation and in the healthy options you will find in each day’s menu. Throughout our menus, you will find signature “Oh So Good” menu items that indicate the selection meets strict guidelines for calories, sodium, and fat content, while featuring whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These selections are prepared with culinary flair and expertise for a delicious alternative that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We know you will enjoy your Bethesda dining experience.  Our goal is to make each meal an exceptional one.

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