The Need for Holiday Cheer at Skilled Nursing Communities

Bethesda Health | December 11, 2014

The holidays can be hard on seniors regardless of their living situation. Between dreary St. Louis weather and memories of departed family or friends, seniors can suffer from the blues or even serious depression during this time.

What You as a Volunteer Can Do to Help

However, seniors in skilled nursing communities are even more susceptible to seasonal depression due to limited mobility or health concerns. Sometimes, families can only do so much to lift their loved ones’ spirits, especially if they are unable to make frequent visits. These limitations are why volunteers are more essential at Christmas and other winter holidays than any other time of year.

Volunteers vs. Visitors

St. Louis senior care communities encourage family members and friends to visit their loved ones as frequently as possible. Still, these visitors often spend the majority of their time with the senior to whom they are connected. On the other hand, volunteers can frequently engage multiple seniors—even entire communities—with performances or holiday crafts, or just pleasant conversation.

Performers Entertain

Performances—particularly live music—are a great way to improve seniors’ moods. Most St. Louis senior care communities allow a wide variety of performers to volunteer.

Schools & Children’s Groups

Young people can be a rare site at a skilled nursing community. Often, just a quick sight of a child can make a resident smile. Children’s choirs, bands, and other school-based performing groups can be uplifting entertainment at a senior living community.

Professional Musicians

Many skilled nursing communities often do not have the budget to hire professional musicians on a consistent basis. As a result, volunteering your band is a great way to give back! Perhaps the St. Louis senior care community can encourage friends and family members to attend, which could give your band publicity for other opportunities.

Crafts Engage

Leading a group of seniors in making crafts provides socialization and will make residents feel productive. There are plenty of affordable senior-friendly craft ideas online to consider, including:

Happier Seniors = Healthier Seniors

Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Often, seniors who are happy and optimistic are more likely to live healthier lives. Practically all St. Louis senior care communities have opportunities for volunteers, not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

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