Keeping Your “Green Thumb” at an Assisted Living Community

Bethesda Health | April 9, 2015

If you have enjoyed gardening throughout your life, you may wonder what options might be available to you at a St. Louis assisted living community.

You will find that moving to a St. Louis assisted living community doesn’t have to spell the end for your gardening hobby.  In fact, for those living in apartments at a St. Louis assisted living community, there are many different ways to keep your “thumb green,” including:

Container Gardening

Container gardening is exactly what it sounds like – a garden held in containers like flowerpots and window boxes.  You can use beautiful containers to match your personality.  It’s a science unto itself, as you first must learn which plants work best with each other—in both looks and compatibility.

Some plants simply work better than others when planted together.  This gardening method is called companion planting.  For example, some plants potted together can help each other grow, while others do not (mint is very invasive).

Container gardening can be done anywhere:

Practicing container gardening can work well in your St. Louis assisted living community apartment.

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening differs from container gardening in that it is literally a raised bed of soil, either on legs, or flat on the ground.  Unlike smaller container gardening, raised beds cover a bigger area.  If you have trouble kneeling down, beds supported by legs may be your best option. Raised bed gardening is ideal if your St. Louis assisted community has a lot of space (though you will need to get permission first).

Community Gardens

Of course, it is very possible that your St. Louis assisted living community has an area where residents are welcome, even encouraged, to help manicure the lawn or take care of the plants.  Don’t be bashful about asking – not only will you be able to continue your hobby, but you’ll make some new friends who have the same interests as you!

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