Giving Tuesday is a great time to support seniors and care organizations, like Bethesda, in the St. Louis area.

Giving Tuesday at Bethesda

Bethesda Health | November 20, 2018

Giving Tuesday, celebrated on the Tuesday following U.S. Thanksgiving, encourages people to think about the charitable causes that benefit from their help.

This year, please consider Bethesda Health Group Foundation in your giving plans. While many great causes are worthy of your support, nearly everyone knows a senior in need of care. Many individuals also will need senior healthcare services for themselves someday. Bethesda is passionate about seniors, offering them highest quality health services to seniors in the St. Louis area for nearly 130 years. You can help continue our mission into the future.

“It is becoming more and more critical to keep senior healthcare in mind when you’re thinking about your causes and charitable giving,” said Pam Dempski, Corporate Vice President and Director of Fund Development at Bethesda. “If you watch the news these days, you’ve probably heard about the cutbacks in Medicaid. More and more of the burden for quality care rests with individuals and family. Meanwhile, costs are always increasing.”

Bethesda, a not-for-profit organization, puts residents and their families first and, through the Bethesda Health Group Foundation, provides care and services for seniors who could not otherwise afford them. When you give to Bethesda, you are supporting people in your community, who really need your help.

“Everyone has a loved one who will need senior services,” said Julie Darnold-Atkins, Fund Development Coordinator at Bethesda. “So many people in need have no one left in their family to help take care of them. It is so comforting for them to know they are going to be taken care of, especially when it’s through no fault of their own that they outlive or outlast their resources. To know there are people who support this mission is reassuring.”

Reasons to Give on Giving Tuesday:

The United Nations Foundation and the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City created Giving Tuesday in 2012. The idea was, during the time when attention is drawn to commercial events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to refocus efforts on the great American tradition of giving to those in need during the holiday season. On the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we should all give pause to think about the organizations doing good deeds that could use our assistance.

Bethesda not only touches the lives of people all around us, it allows supporters to designate how their donation is used.

“If people have a connection with Bethesda, they can give in memory of a loved one to the community where he or she lived,” Pam said. “Maybe your relative doesn’t live in one of our communities but came to Bethesda for physical therapy and rehabilitation. You can make a donation designated to benefit those services.”

Ways to Give to Bethesda:

This Giving Tuesday, consider donating to Bethesda Health Group. View all of our donation options, and easily make your donation online.

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