Hang Your Hope Dove For The Holidays

Hope Dove Ornaments Honor Special Loved Ones in Your Life

Holidays are about hope, joy and gratitude. During these uncertain times, the pandemic has left many of our seniors very vulnerable. You can provide hope and joy, and offer much-needed support to a beloved generation of seniors, with your purchase of a Hope Dove ornament.

Your gift of $35 or more will recognize a loved one, a co-worker, a friend, or a senior resident. Your gift benefits the John W. Rowe Humanitarian Care Fund, which provides funding for seniors in need of care and services who have outlived their means to pay.

Each ornament will display in a Bethesda community of your choice with a gift tag. The Bethesda Health Group Foundation team will notify the honored individual or their family, as well as confirm where the ornament is hanging.

Your tax-deductible gift of:

  • $35 (hangs one ornament)
  • $50 (hangs two ornaments)
  • $75 (hangs three ornaments)
  • $100 (hangs four ornaments)

Please consider brightening the holidays for Bethesda’s seniors. Donate here to pay tribute to a loved one with a Hope Dove by December 31.

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