Connect with Your Community: Making the Most Out of Assisted Living

Bethesda Health | June 11, 2015

For seniors, it’s important to participate in activities that will allow them to be active and continue learning new things. It’s certainly true for residents who live at, or are at considering living, at assisted living communities.

Signing up for and participating in various activities helps residents make friends and connect with their community. Not only that, but remaining social has been shown to improve overall health and well-being.

Events Help Seniors Make Friends

Participating in activities and events held at their community is a great way for seniors to get to know their neighbors and find others with similar interests. Seniors should also consider signing up for events they normally wouldn’t so they can:

Staying Social Improves Physical & Mental Health

Having friends in assisted living to socialize with will lead to a fulfilling, healthy senior life. Seniors who let their social lives stagnate have a higher risk of poor health than those who don’t. Studies have shown that by taking part in events and socializing, seniors can ward off or improve poor health, including:

By remaining active and healthy, seniors in assisted living will be able to participate in activities they enjoy with friends.

Events Connect Seniors with Their Communities

Activities and events don’t have to take place solely at an assisted living community. They can also take place in public places like parks or libraries. Connecting with your community instills a greater sense of belonging and understanding between generations.

Bethesda hosts many fun community events for residents in its assisted living community ranging from:

Residents may even be able to take a class on technology. Of course, you don’t have to live in assisted living to enjoy community events. Each of Bethesda’s communities hosts a variety of fun events that residents can participate in.

Discover What’s Happening at Bethesda Assisted Living

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