Respite Care

Respite Care – a well-kept St. Louis senior care secret!

Bethesda has the answer for St. Louis families looking for a trusted senior care resource to provide services for an elderly loved one for a few days or weeks to accommodate other needs of the family.

The answer – Respite Care – is ideal for when family responsibilities, extended travel or other personal needs require the complete focus of the family member caring for their senior loved one.

We realize that many loved ones are hesitant to leave their senior family members for an extended period of time. Knowing that an option exists that ensures that your loved one is taken care of at a Bethesda community during that period can provide priceless peace of mind.

At Bethesda, not only is your senior provided with a temporary place to live, but they will eat their meals in a comfortable, social environment along with the rest of the residents. They will be invited to participate in the same activities, and take advantage of the same senior care programs, as the rest of our residents.

In St. Louis, the Respite Care senior care option is available at each of Bethesda’s three skilled nursing communities — Bethesda Dilworth, which is located in the Kirkwood/Webster area; Bethesda Meadow, which is located in West County (Ellisville), and Bethesda Southgate, which is located in South County (Oakville).

For more information or to discuss customized care plans to meet your needs, please call any Bethesda senior living community directly or contact Bethesda’s Care Management Team, at 314-800-1911 or

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