Emerson Continues Funding CNA Program

Bethesda Health | April 27, 2021

For each of the last three years, Emerson has supported Bethesda’s workforce development program through generous $50,000 annual grants.

Their continued commitment to workforce education has never been more critical and appreciated than during the pandemic, as Bethesda, along with many other healthcare providers, has been experiencing a critical shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and other healthcare professional positions.

But thanks to Emerson and some of Bethesda’s other community partners, such as the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, St. Louis Community College and Applied Technology, Bethesda is able to train and provide a “career ladder” to those who are unemployed or under employed.

And in April, Bethesda recently completed another CNA certification program, graduating 13 more students employed at Bethesda Dilworth. Pictured above are five of the graduating students.

“Recruiting, training, and maintaining a quality workforce has been exceptionally hard during the coronavirus crisis,” says Eileen Caffey, Director of Recruitment and Employee Relations. “Staff—especially frontline caregivers—are working long hours and maintaining stringent health safety processes. Meanwhile, they are also struggling with personal issues—childcare, family demands, and concerns about their own health—that the crisis creates. We are so thankful that Emerson is one of our leading partners to address this staffing shortage with grant support of our CNA certification program.”

For more information, visit Bethesda’s “career ladder” program.

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