Senior and child gardening outdoors in the spring.

Spring Activities for Seniors

Bethesda Health | April 8, 2021

Springtime is finally here — warmth, longer days of sunlight, and flowers and plants budding, pushing their way through the earth in our gardens and lawns. Spring is finally calling, so how will you answer? How will you take advantage of all the spring activities it brings to seniors?

Tips for Getting Active

As an older adult, you may have rarely been able to leave your home for months, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the cold of winter. Now the outside world is more available to you. What are some of your options?

Birdwatching. A greater variety of birds are returning to the area and becoming more active. A few activities for seniors birdwatching are:

This is an activity that can be shared with family members of all ages. Put out a feeder or two and watch the fun. It’s relaxing, interesting, stimulating, and can take place on the grounds of a senior living community or in your own backyard.

Combine the activity of building a birdhouse with the satisfaction of watching a pair of birds using it. Enlist a family member to help.

Gardening. A garden can be your contribution to senior spring activities. It’s great exercise, produces a sense of accomplishment and pride, and can be shared with family and gardening enthusiasts

Caregivers and family members can also assist with obtaining garden supplies. And if you take up photography as well, you’ll have beautiful photos of your garden to share.

If you’d like to learn more gardening, check out these online gardening classes.

Walking. This is great exercise, and a way to reconnect with neighbors and friends. Your family can join you, too. Perhaps you can pick out a nice place to stop in a park and have a picnic.

Playing games. There are many outdoor games that are perfect for seniors in the spring, including:

Play card or dice games out on a patio are a great option for less physically active seniors:

Creating arts and crafts. There are many arts and crafts that can be created outdoors. You are sure to be inspired by this list of craft ideas. And if it’s a rainy day, these activities can be moved inside.

Going for a drive. Visit an old neighborhood, or someplace you’ve always wanted to see. Stop at a drive-up window and treat yourself to something delicious, or dine at an outdoor restaurant.

Organize a family gathering. Practice all the safety precautions for COVID-19, and then invite your adult children and grandkids to a party or barbecue. Family members can contribute food items, and help with the preparations.

Spring cleaning. Since spring is a time of renewal, do some “renewing” where you live. Eliminate clutter. Open up space that may inspire some decorating ideas. You’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll be surrounded by a fresh new look. Family members can help with ideas and procuring materials. Make it a group project.

Spring is a time to celebrate, and to stretch ourselves mentally and physically. Find something new or rediscover an activity that you’ve neglected but would still enjoy.

For more activities to share with your senior loved ones, visit our blog.

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