Young woman arranging homemade cupcakes in a box for care package for seniors.

Care Package Ideas for Seniors

Bethesda Health | March 29, 2021

Caring for someone can come in many different forms, such as acts of kindness and consideration, providing comfort, and being aware of the needs of someone else. All of those forms of caring can be expressed in a care package for a senior loved one, whether it be from a spouse or an adult child.

Care Package Considerations

Some care package considerations for seniors include:

Is it a package that will need to mailed, or can you personally deliver it? If it is being mailed or shipped, be sure to do so in a sturdy box, and use packing to secure the items inside. Keep in mind, fragile items like cookies or other delicate baked items may not survive intact by the time they reach their destination.

If you can deliver the package or have someone drop it off for you, a decoratively wrapped gift basket filled with goodies would be a pleasant surprise for your loved one.

If you need some help to put together a care package for seniors, packages can be purchased online and delivered to the home.

How to Choose Items for Your Care Package

What does your senior enjoy? And what is he or she able to do?

Is the senior confined to a bed or chair? Add activities and entertainment supplies to the care package to focus your loved one’s attention on fun:

Make a list of your senior’s favorite treats and foods, and throw in an offer to deliver a home-cooked meal. Other ideas include:

Who doesn’t want to feel warm and comfortable? Try these:

Often the most meaningful gift, particularly in a time when sharing with senior loved ones has been made more difficult, are items like these:

For the senior that likes to be outdoors:

If your senior likes to exercise, these items might come in handy:

You can create a care package for a senior with a theme or mix and match all sorts of items your loved one would cherish and enjoy. Whatever you decide, the real gift is the knowledge that someone is thinking of them.

For more ideas for gift giving to seniors, visit our blog!

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