Making fabric pumpkins like these can be a fun and easy Halloween craft for seniors.

3 Easy Halloween Crafts for Seniors

Bethesda Health | October 13, 2020

With Halloween approaching, it’s an excellent time to plan a fun craft activity with your loved one. Halloween crafts for seniors should be simple, yet entertaining. The best craft ideas for seniors are easy to understand and don’t use tiny pieces.

Before You Get Started

Before you begin, there are a few tips to follow to ensure your Halloween craft project is fun and fast:

No-Sew Shirt Sleeve Pumpkin

This adorable and easy to make No-Sew Shirt Sleeve Pumpkin is made with a long-sleeved shirt, some twine and artificial leaves. It’s the perfect pumpkin to display in a room or a common area.

To craft this rustic, country-themed pumpkin, you will need:

For step-by-step instructions, visit Home in the Finger Lakes.

Jewel-Covered Bling Pumpkin

bling pumpkin

Photo credit:

Who doesn’t love bling? Seniors will love making these jewel-covered pumpkins to decorate their homes and living spaces.

For this sparkly project, you will need:

The key that will make this Halloween craft a great activity for seniors is using large gems, which are easier to handle. For the best results use craft jewels that have adhesive backs, to reduce complicated steps. It’s still a good idea to have clear-drying glue on hand, just in case the jewels don’t want to stick to the pumpkin.

It’s also recommended to use plastic pumpkins, as they can be stored and reused as a decoration for years to come and are lighter than real ones. When spray-painting the pumpkins, do so in a well-ventilated area, and remember to lay newspaper down to protect surfaces.

For instructions on how to make this fancy bling pumpkin, visit HerCampus.

Mummy Candy Cans

Mummy cans

Photo credit: HGTV

These spooky-cute little mummies are the perfect treat for little trick-or-treaters. Since this project requires pliers, make sure that the cans are prepped for seniors before beginning, and no stray metal bits are sticking out. When spray painting, please make sure it takes place in a well-ventilated area.

You will need:

For instructions on how to make these little ghouls, visit HGTV – Halloween Party Favor: Mummy Candy Cans.

Get Inspired With More Halloween Crafts for Seniors

The fun doesn’t stop with these three craft ideas. Get together with your senior loved ones this fall to spend time and create Halloween decorations. Find inspiration from Elder One Stop, visit Bethesda’s blog for more Halloween ideas for seniors, or come up with your own fun ideas to celebrate the season!

Here at Bethesda, fall is a fun time for our senior residents and their families. Learn more about the activities for our residents and their families year-round, and visit a community near you to see what Bethesda has to offer!

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