Be Ready For New Polling Equipment

Bethesda Health | February 27, 2020

The Bethesda Foundation wants St. Louis voters to know about new voting equipment and process when going to the polls on March 10 to cast your ballot in the Missouri Primary.

St. Louis County is now using the Verity System, which prints on-demand your ballot right in front of you. Voters will fill out a paper ballot using blue or black ink. Those needing special assistance will use a new machine called an Access Writer (as seen in the photo) to help them vote.

Voters should become more familiar with using the equipment before going to the polls.

Here’s the process using the new Verity System:

Step 1 – Check-In

Just like before, you will show your ID to a poll worker. It does not have to be a photo ID. After signing your name, you will receive your voter ticket, which you will hand to a poll worker.

Step 2 – Receiving Your Ballot

Unless you are in need of special assistance, your voter ticket will have a bar code that will print out a ballot specific to your precinct. You will take your ballot and proceed to the voting area.

If you do need special assistance, you will be escorted to the Access Writer, where a poll worker will pull up the correct ballot for you.

Step 3 – Marking Your Ballot

Voters with a paper ballot will fill in the rectangle using blue or black ink next to your selection.

For those needing special assistance, the Access Writer will give its users visual and audible directions on how to proceed. The machine is compatible with headphones, sip and puff devices, and tactile switches. The Access Writer does not record selections; it’s only a marking assistance tool. Once you are finished, the machine will print a paper ballot with your selections.

Step 4 – Casting Your Ballot

The paper ballot is then placed between the two green arrows on the Verity Scan machine, and once you see the American flag, your ballot has been cast. Congratulations!

During the last few months, the Bethesda Health Group Foundation has registered more than 200 residents to either receive an Absentee Ballot for this election or be placed on the Permanently Disabled List, which means they automatically will receive an absentee for this and future elections.

Bethesda seniors wanting more information about the voting process or Absentee Ballot options should call the Bethesda Health Group Foundation, 314-800-1916.

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