Walking can actually help with fall prevention

Tips on Fall Prevention

Bethesda Health | February 18, 2020

Along with our first step probably came our first fall. But because we had strong muscles and bones and plenty of baby fat to protect us, the spill was probably pretty harmless. However, the tendency to fall increases as people age or face certain medical conditions and the injuries threaten to be more serious. Fortunately, fall prevention can be easily implemented with healthy lifestyle choices and safety modifications in the home.

Facts about Falls and Aging Adults

Risk factors that make a person more likely to suffer a fall, including:

There are many safety modifications in the home that can be taken to help prevent the likelihood of a fall of your loved one. A key element in fall prevention is to create a “Trip-Free” environment and practice these behaviors:

Home Safety Checklist

Personal Safety Checklist

Following these fall prevention guidelines will decrease the chances of an incident and give you peace of mind that your senior loved ones are in a safe environment. For more tips on ensuring you and your loved ones are prepared for any incident, check out our Senior Home Safety section on our blog.

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