A senior and his physical therapist work through exercises for his leg.

Choosing the Right Short-Stay Rehab Community for Your Senior Loved One

Bethesda Health | May 29, 2019

A short-stay rehab and therapy community is probably the last place your senior loved one wants to go to recover from an illness, injury, or surgery. However, the senior’s physician may believe it is the best place to quicken recovery and reduce the chance for re-hospitalization.

Why? Because the short-stay rehab and therapy environment provides positive options for recovery.

When reviewing facilities, it’s important that you have the information you need to help choose the right short-stay rehab community for your loved one.

A Focus on What’s Best for Your Recovery

Short-stay rehab and therapy communities provide around-the-clock treatment and supervision. Progress is continually monitored. While home health services can provide comprehensive therapy services in the home, a more intense in-patient rehab may be initially needed to help focus the senior on their recovery without the distractions or potential hazards of living at home.

Some of the following conditions may be best treated in short-stay rehab and therapy:

Choosing the Right Short-Stay Rehab Community

There are a number of questions when considering a rehab and therapy community for your senior loved one. If possible, tour the community prior to admission. Look over the rooms, dining area, therapy facilities, and community rooms. Ask yourself and staff members the following questions:

When making your decision, also consult with friends, family members, and other medical professionals for their recommendations. If personally visiting the communities you are considering is not an option, you can research them online.

As short-term stays may range from a few days to months, you want a place that has an array of therapies, attractive environment, fun and engaging activities, and appetizing food. In short, a place that meets the physical, social, and spiritual needs of your senior.

Bethesda, for example, offers a comprehensive array of therapeutic and nursing services. We also offer many daily activities, special events, and outings, because healing involves the whole person, not just medical treatment.

If you or a senior loved one is in need of short-term rehab and therapy, Bethesda could be the solution for you. Each of our six skilled nursing communities throughout the St. Louis area offer short-stay rehab and physical therapy treatments for seniors who are recovering from an injury or surgery. Contact us to learn more.

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