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Three Services that Lengthen Seniors’ Ability to Live Independently

Bethesda Health | January 29, 2019

A Desire to Live Independently

As we age, we wish to maintain a firm grip on our independence for as long as we can. We want to live in our own homes and on our own terms. It’s called “aging in place,” and dedicated and skilled professionals can assist in the effort to remain as self-sufficient as possible.

Whether home is an independent senior living community or the long-time family home, the benefits of these services can be customized according to the needs of senior adults and delivered where they live.

1. Care Management

Enlisting the expertise of care managers like those at Bethesda is a good idea, particularly if the adult children or senior caregivers have become physically or emotionally overloaded and confused by the details of caring for senior loved ones.

Care managers have the knowledge and experience to explain and handle many aspects of senior care and support. They know the health care system. They can coordinate care, review and update care plans, explain benefits, and suggest what other professionals may need to be consulted.

In addition, they can make sure the right people have the information they need to keep seniors living as independently as possible. As a result, care managers can reduce the number of hospital and physician office visits, and associated medical costs for seniors, as well as ease the stress of seniors and their caregivers.

Also, the level of their involvement can be varied from an initial consultation to a more active role when required.

As a result of the Bethesda Care Management Program, independent residents of Bethesda communities are able to stay in their apartments an average of three additional years after care management is called on to help.

2. Senior Support Solutions In-Home Services

Working with care managers at Bethesda, the staff of Senior Support Solutions provides in-home services in both Bethesda independent living communities or in the senior’s own home.

The level of service they provide is individualized according to need. Services include traditional private-duty services and specialized programs:

Traditional Services

Specialized Services

These services relieve the emotional and mental stress of trying to perform daily tasks that have become too difficult for seniors and too numerous for their caregivers while still allowing seniors to enjoy their lives.

3. Home Health Care

Medicare-certified St. Andrews & Bethesda Home Health can provide specially trained medical home health professionals, whether the need is temporary or long-term.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Studies show physical therapy programs can reduce the incidence of falls by 30 to 50 percent, a major factor in maintaining senior health and self-sufficiency.

The following services restore flexibility, increase strength, reduce pain, build endurance, improve speech, and restore the body’s ability to perform tasks, all of which increase the senior’s ability to live longer and more independently:

Health Care Management

In addition, the St. Andrews & Bethesda Home Health team, comprised of registered nurses, social workers, and aides, provide the following:

The key to maintaining one’s health and independence is an environment that promotes physical and mental activity, provides accurate health information, quality medical care services, and encourages consistency in good health habits. This is what health at home is all about.

At Bethesda, we’re dedicated to St. Louis seniors. Whether you choose to live at a retirement community or age in place, our wide range of senior care services are available to meet your unique needs. Contact us or visit a community near you to learn more.

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