Finding Home at Bethesda: Helen Herndon

Bethesda Health | January 26, 2017

Helen Herndon has worn many hats in her day: College graduate. Missionary. World traveler. Freelance writer. Devout Christian. Secretary.

Exploring the World

Even in her younger years, Helen was inspired to live a life full of new experiences. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, earning a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Education from Columbia Bible College in South Carolina.

After graduating college, Helen’s father passed away. She stayed with her mother for three-and-a-half years and eventually was called to missionary work in France and North Africa. After eight years of missionary service, she came back to the U.S.

Helen landed in St. Louis. She worked as a secretary for the St. Louis Public School District, where she served for 23 years.

Finding Home at Bethesda Gardens

Helen has lived in the St. Louis area all this time. Now, her home is at Bethesda Gardens, an independent retirement living community in Kirkwood, Missouri. Helen has a beautiful apartment adorned with treasures and trinkets from all around the globe.

She chose Bethesda Gardens for a variety of reasons. “It is a beautiful apartment,” she says. Helen has decorated her space with pictures, artwork, signs and magnets from more countries than most have ever dreamed visiting. She appreciates that Bethesda allowed her to make this space her own. “I picked out the paint colors myself,” she says.

That isn’t the only reason she chose to make her home at Bethesda Gardens. “I wanted a place where people saw me coming and going. Bethesda is close to my church and many of my activities,” she says.

Bethesda Gardens has provided an affordable place to live where she “doesn’t have to be responsible for a lot of things” that many living on their own must deal with on a daily basis. “This has been one of the wisest decisions I have made. My friends are happy I’m here,” Helen says, “and so am I!”

Just some of the services that Bethesda Gardens offers its residents, like Helen, include:

Helen has found a home at Bethesda Gardens. Are you ready to learn more about what Bethesda’s Independent Retirement Living communities across the St. Louis area can provide for you or your loved one? Contact us to schedule a tour at a community near you.

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