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Pet-Friendly Communities for Man’s Best Friend

Bethesda Health | November 30, 2016

For many people, pets are just like a member of the family. That’s why Bethesda’s senior living retirement communities are pet-friendly, offering seniors the opportunity to keep their dog or cat with them when they move in.

A place for you – and for your best friend

Many seniors need to consider their pets before they move. Bethesda Terrace resident LeRoy Russo said Bethesda’s pet-friendly attitude was a major factor when he chose his new home. He was simply unwilling to go anywhere that wouldn’t allow him to keep his beloved border collie, Sadie.

When LeRoy found out he could keep his pet and enjoy the services and security Bethesda Terrace has to offer – as well as the 10 parklike acres on which it sits — he immediately knew it was the place for him.

“I’ve had Sadie for about eight years and I’m certainly not willing to part with her, that’s for sure,” LeRoy said. “I’m really happy to be able to live with her here. I think we fit right in and she’s very happy here, too.”

LeRoy added that he’s not the only person who enjoys Sadie’s company. He said other residents and visitors love to pet his dog when he takes her out for daily walks. He and Sadie are also fixtures in the lobby of their building where they enjoy visiting with people who come and go throughout the day.

“It doesn’t seem like anyone can pass by without petting her,” LeRoy said. “She seems to make everybody happy.”

Benefits of living with pets

Bethesda welcomes pets appropriate for our communities because our staff realizes pets are beneficial for seniors for several reasons. Pets provide a variety of benefits to those who own them, including seniors. Pets help to:

Everyone deserves a nice place to live

Bethesda residents are able to keep dogs and cats with them when they move to our pet-friendly communities, providing that the General Manager meets and deems the pet appropriate. Shirley Torno, a resident at Bethesda Terrace, lives with her rescue cat that she simply calls “Kitty.” She said she’s glad Bethesda’s pet policy allows her to give the animal a good home, because she and the black cat with patches of color on its chest are good for each other.

“I think someone was rough with him because it took a while for him to warm up to me,” Shirley said of the approximately 8-year-old cat she adopted from a shelter in the spring. Kitty sat on the arm of her chair as she spoke. “But we’re very close now. It’s nice to see that she’s happy and comfortable. She deserves a loving home, and I’m glad to have her here.”

An added bonus for Shirley and Kitty, she added, is to have LeRoy and Sadie in the building. “She’s so sweet. I see her almost every day and (LeRoy) lets me pet her. He adores that dog so much. It really makes you smile to see them.”

At Bethesda, we are proud to say our senior living retirement communities are pet friendly.

Read more about Bethesda’s senior living retirement communities.

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