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Make Relocation a Breeze

Bethesda Health | May 25, 2016

Who says moving has to be difficult?

Relocating to a Retirement Community

If you’re considering it, but you’re not sure where to start, Bethesda’s “Moving with Ease” program can make your relocation process a whole lot easier.

Our team is made up of a trusted local network of partners who can manage your entire move to a retirement community. Get your home ready to be sold in no time with reliable handyman services. Enlist the services of a great real estate expert who can “stage” your property and get the best prices. Offload the heavy lifting and let the expert movers take care of your belongings and arrange them exactly where you want them to be in your new space.

When you reserve your home at one of Bethesda’s Independent Living retirement communities, in addition to all the new apartment features, we’ll even help you customize it with your choice of wall color. You’ll also receive financial credit for the downsizing and moving services.

These services include:

Expert movers who carefully pack, move and unpack your belongings
You’ll find that with a little planning and extra help, the retirement lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of can easily become a reality. We have everything and everyone in place to keep your transition as smooth as possible, and to make your move a breeze.

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