How to Choose Between Adult Day Care & Long-Term Care

Bethesda Health | December 10, 2015

If you take care of your senior loved one, either part- or full-time, then you may have wondered at some point what the best senior care option is. Should they go into adult day care or do they need long-term care? To decide, it really depends on you and your loved one’s personal situation.

When Should My Loved One Go Into Adult Day Care?

If your senior loved one needs a little socialization or you need a little time to run errands, adult day care may be best option for you and your loved one. Other perks include:

Adult day care is also beneficial for caregivers who need a little time each day to run errands or need a break to relieve stress. By having time focus on themselves and other family members, they can keep a healthy and happy home environment.

When Should My Loved One Go Into Long-Term Care?

Deciding whether not your loved one should go into long-term care is a decision you should not take lightly. If your loved one has the following and you cannot always be there for them, it may be best for them to go into long-term senior care:

If you do decide that long-term care is best for your senior loved one, don’t feel guilty or ashamed. You are making sure that they are getting the best care possible and they are in a safe environment. In addition, you can create a senior care support network to help both you and your loved one enjoy a happy and fulfilling experience at the skilled nursing community you choose.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Senior Care

No senior care decision should be rushed. It is a very big decision to make and you must be sure that it is the right choice for you and your loved one. Ask yourself what you and your loved one’s needs are and consult with your senior care support network to help you decide the best course of action. It’s also a good idea to tour potential adult day and long-term care communities with your loved one to decide which is best for them.

For assistance caring for your senior loved one, contact Bethesda.

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