Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones

Bethesda Health | December 3, 2015

The holidays are just about here, and you want to find that perfect holiday gift for your senior loved one. However, we often have difficulty deciding what to get them—especially if it’s for the person who seems to have everything or little need for unnecessary items. Here are 5 holiday gift ideas that can help you find something for the special senior in your life:

Photo Albums: Warm Their Hearts

Many seniors get their greatest joy from their children and grandchildren. With a customized photo album, you can give your loved one a way to enjoy photos of special events and big moments in your family. These are cherished gifts for family members who don’t get to visit often with their family. Imagine surprising your loved one with his or her own high-quality, personalized, printed album that will last a lifetime.

Tablets: Keep Them Connected

The number of seniors using tablets continues to grow quickly. Tablets are easy-to-use tailored and in a lot of ways for seniors with their touch-screen technology and large print options. The most common uses include:

Let’s not forget the many other useful apps, like FaceTime and Skype – all of which are great ways for family members to stay connected.

Gift Baskets: Little Things Can Mean a Lot

You can’t go wrong with a homemade gift basket. Create a basket filled with your loved one’s favorite items surrounding a theme. For example:

Filled with the little things you know they’ll love, a homemade gift basket will add a personal touch making your loved one feel special and loved. Plus, the basket can be reused to hold holiday letters or other trinkets.

Games & Puzzles: Keep Them Entertained

Consider giving your loved one games or puzzles. These gifts are inexpensive and helpful with:

When selecting a game or puzzle, you may need to consider your senior’s physical limitations such as arthritis and low vision. Select items that offer large pieces or larger print to accommodate your loved one’s needs like:

Blankets & Throws: Keep Them Cozy

A blanket or throw will keep your senior loved one warm and cozy year round and there are so many custom options available. Whether you are a quilter and can make a homemade quilt or you prefer to personalize the blanket with a photo or a special message, your senior loved one is sure to treasure and enjoy their warm and cozy gift.

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