Shopping Solutions for Healthy Eating

Bethesda Health | March 30, 2015

fresh fruits and vegetablesPlan a Week’s Worth of Nutritious Meals

Keep in mind which days you’ll have time to cook from scratch. Then, check your cupboards and make a list before you go shopping.

Shop the Perimeter of the Store First

That’s where you’ll find the fresh fruits and vegetables. Most stores also display dairy products, poultry, and other fresh foods around the perimeter.

Read Food Labels

Food labels help you compare nutrients and ingredients between similar foods.

Avoid Shopping When You’re Hungry

Shopping when you are not hungry will make it easier to stick to your shopping list. Without making impulse buys based on hunger, you’ll spend less.

Stock Up on Healthy but Convenient Favorites

Not everything convenient is unhealthy. Look for these healthy staples to make weeknight cooking quick:

Buy Items So You Can “Piggy-Back” Meals

You don’t have to buy new ingredients for every meal. A roast chicken one night can supply the ingredients for a quick Caesar salad the next day.

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