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How to Find a Good Adult Day Care Center in St. Louis

Bethesda Health | January 1, 2015

A good St. Louis adult day care center provides many benefits to both the caregiver and their loved one. But how can you ensure your loved one has the best experience possible? Before committing to one St. Louis adult day care center, make sure to check out:

Individualized Approaches

Every senior is different. Your loved one may think or behave differently than other adult day care attendees in the past. In addition, people participate for different reasons, such as:

It’s important that the St. Louis adult day care you choose takes a personal approach to their visitors to ensure the highest level of care possible. Be sure to ask how the day care center learns what makes your loved one unique and how they plan to accommodate them during their visit.

Consistent Communication & Support

Recurring visitors should be able to build real relationships with adult day care providers. Healthy and regular communication are essential to building a healthy relationship between the day care staff, the participating senior, and their primary caregiver. Another benefit are senior health organizations that provide a larger scope of services in addition to St. Louis adult day care. This will ensure your loved one has easier access to different types of care.

A Healthy & Caring Environment

Visit the adult day care community to find out if it’s the right center for you and your loved one. Are all the attendees comfortable, properly engaged, and monitored by qualified staff?

In addition, talk with the staff and other primary care givers to learn their impressions of the adult day care. Some preliminary questions include:

For assistance caring for your senior loved one, contact Bethesda.

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