Benefits of Hospice Care in St. Louis

Drew Jones | September 18, 2014

Home: it is more than just four walls and a roof. It is a place that generates feelings of comfort and lasting memories of family and friends. When your loved one is near the end of their life, that comfort and security is needed more than ever and that’s where hospice care in St. Louis can help.

Seeking hospice care in St. Louis is not about giving up hope, but rather getting the most appropriate care in the final phase of life. Hospice agencies provide special care to improve quality of life for both the patient and family by focusing on all aspects of a patient’s life.

Deciding that your loved one should receive hospice care is never easy. Whether they receive care at their current home or in a hospice suite, the benefits of hospice care range from the physical and social to the emotional and spiritual.

Familiar Environment

Hospice care in St. Louis can be provided in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as in the comfort of the patient’s home or in a hospice facility. The emphasis is on a calm, quiet environment, and a joint effort between the patient, the family, the hospice team and the doctor.

Offering a Comprehensive Plan

The key to providing comfortable final days is a comprehensive plan that involves a team of medical and health care professionals who address all aspects of a patient’s illness, concentrating on controlling and reducing pain and discomfort. One thought that is prevalent in hospice is that the care team is here to help you concentrate on living, instead of focusing on dying.

Personalized Care and Support 

Hospice care in St. Louis eases family and caregiver anxiety, as hospice care professionals are on-call 24-hours, providing the family with a much-needed respite in between visits. Hospice care offers patients what they need, from companionship to a listening ear to a favorite food.

It Lessens Financial Burdens

Under hospice supervision, out-of-pocket costs are significantly reduced. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances can help cover hospice care. Check with your insurance to see what elements of hospice care are covered.

Family Counseling 

Guidance and support are a necessary piece of the puzzle. Hospice chaplains and social workers help families deal with the range of emotions that surround this difficult time. In addition, hospice will also offer the family bereavement and grief counseling after their loved one has passed, and help with some of the after-death tasks that need to be completed.

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