Understanding St. Louis Assisted Living Wait Lists

Drew Jones | September 11, 2014

Anyone caring for an elderly loved one worries that suddenly they will require additional care. Additional care may mean moving to a St. Louis assisted living community, many of which have a waiting list. Getting on a St. Louis assisted living wait list offers you more control over your loved one’s options and causes less stress during future planning.

Assisted Living Communities Have Limited Availability

On average, the occupancy rate of assisted living communities is at 89%. This means there is a good chance that the facility of your choice is full. Furthermore, about 40% of independent senior living communities are fully occupied or nearly full. Therefore, both types of senior living communities have created wait lists for those who know they one day wish to move out of their homes.

Wait Lists Allow Preferred Apartment Reservations

Joining a wait list allows you to reserve the apartment or room that will suit your loved one’s needs. At many communities, you can place a deposit on the exact apartment size, style, floor and view that you desire.

There Is No Risk in Signing Up for a Wait List

Making room specifications does not require your loved one to move into a room once it is available. If your loved one is not ready to move to the assisted living community, in most cases you can elect to keep your same spot on the list.

Wait Lists Require Deposits

Most St. Louis assisted living communities require a deposit when securing a place on a wait list. The deposit cost varies from $200 to upwards of $2000 per community. It is good to know ahead of time what type of community you can afford for your loved one. For the most part, deposits for wait lists are fully refundable at any time. There are also some communities that do not require a deposit to join its wait list.

Every assisted living facility is different, and it is important to understand that they may have different policies for wait lists as well as residents that live within the facility. Be sure to go over these policies with a staff member before you put down a deposit to get on a wait list.

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