Preparing Your Home for Hospice Care in St. Louis

Drew Jones | August 28, 2014

Deciding that it is time for your loved one to go into hospice care is never an easy decision. For many seriously ill patients, receiving hospice care in St. Louis in the privacy and comfort of their own home offers a more comfortable alternative to spending your final months in a hospital.

Why Hospice Care?

St. Louis hospice agencies provide special care to improve quality of life for both the patient and family by focusing on all aspects of a patient’s life, including:

Seeking hospice care in St. Louis isn’t about giving up hope, but rather getting the most appropriate care in the final phase of life.

Preparing For Hospice Care

There are many steps to preparing your loved one’s home for hospice care in St. Louis. Here are some easy ways to make sure their home is suited for their needs:

Install Hand Rails & Shower Seats in Bathrooms

Home health aides will come to help with bathing your loved one, so it is pertinent to have the bathroom set up to help facilitate this. Hand rails and a shower seat can be necessary for them to bathe.

Minimize Need for Stairs

Your loved one may eventually have trouble with stairs. Consider arranging for a hospital bed on the first floor of the family home, as well as a wheelchair to help them get around.

Prevent Oxygen Tank Fires

Your loved one may eventually need an oxygen tank. If so, keep in mind that the oxygen is very flammable, so there can be no smoking in the home.

Collect Medical Records & Supplies

You’ll want to have copies of all medical records and medications easily accessible. Consider putting together a folder that is easily accessible with all of their medical records as well as an emergency medical kit. There are many valuable resources available to help you organize these records, such as Bethesda’s free Personal Emergency Medical Information Kit.

Keep Important Third Parties Up-to-Date

Be sure that any important third parties have your correct contact information in case they need you quickly. This includes:

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