Choosing a Happy & Healthy Assisted Living Community

Drew Jones | August 21, 2014

Finding the right assisted living community in St. Louis for your loved one can be quite challenging, as it is important to consider the quality of care that your loved one may receive. While many factors may contribute to your choice of an assisted living community in St. Louis, definitely consider the following:

Quality of Staff and Volunteers

Since the assisted living community’s staff and volunteers will be directly interacting with your loved one, it is imperative that you are comfortable with them. When visiting a St. Louis assisted living community, be sure to observe the staff members as they interact with current residents. Make sure you meet with the management team and understand the goals of the community. It will help you justify your decision if you have confidence in the staff.

Services and Amenities

You want to be sure that the community will be able to provide the services that your loved one is looking for. Maintenance-free apartments with functional kitchens can be important if they want to continue to be independent. Make sure nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day, and that the St. Louis assisted living community staff will assist with bathing and general personal hygiene. Other services to consider are:

Meals and Dining Area

To some people, the quality of meals and the dining area may be as important a factor as any when considering an assisted living community in St. Louis. Be sure to sample a meal at the property when you go for a visit and take a look at any monthly menus available. Not only will this allow you to try the food, but you will also be able to meet current residents and talk with them about the community. You will also want to ask about:

Social and Recreational Activities

Since an assisted living community in St. Louis will be your loved one’s home, it is vital to make sure that they have social and recreational activities to keep them busy. Plan to visit the community during an activity. Also, check their activities calendar to see what future activities they have planned.

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