Bethesda Rehab & Therapy – Is it the Right Decision for You?

Holly Greminger | January 23, 2014

John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  Life is full of unexpected surprises both positive and less than favorable.   When you or your loved one ends up in the hospital due to a sudden illness or even a planned surgery, taking the right steps to ensure safety and care are crucial in the healing process.  There are certain conditions that qualify you or your loved one for a rehab stay.

Bethesda Rehab and Therapy Centers may be the right decision.  While recovering after a hospital stay, Bethesda has three locations to assist you in getting back to your life you know and love:  Bethesda Meadow in Ellisville, Bethesda Dilworth in Webster Groves and Bethesda Southgate in South County. We offer home-like, temporary accommodations for seniors requiring extra assistance while providing the highest quality of nursing and therapy care.

After a hospital stay, the physician may recommend additional nursing and therapy care.  This is where Bethesda Rehab and Therapy Centers can assist you.  We offer a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced physicians, therapists, nurses, dieticians and social workers for all your needs.

What are some conditions that may indicate you need rehab?

Please discuss with your physician in the hospital if you or your loved one is a candidate for rehab and therapy.  The previous list is only a guide to what conditions may qualify you for a skilled nursing stay in rehab and therapy.  If you choose to go directly home from the hospital, be sure you know your options.  If you get home and feel you cannot manage your condition, you still have 30 days to admit to one of our Rehab and Therapy Centers from home.

It’s important to know your rights.  The website provides a lot of valuable information to prescribes.  If you have any further questions, please contact Tom Miskle, Executive Director of Medicare Admissions at 314-277-9959 or by email at

Bethesda Rehab and Therapy Centers provides care and compassion to not only our temporary ‘guests’ but also for the family members.  This can be a trying time for everyone involved.  Our team cares about your team.

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