A woman and her senior mother contact their state Representative regarding vital home health legislation.

Asking Your Lawmakers to Support Vital Home Health Legislation

Bethesda Health | October 30, 2019

The home health care industry is unfortunately facing some major changes in the year ahead. Reductions to reimbursement under Medicare are planned, which may force many agencies to reduce services to patients.

Changes to Home Health Legislation

The new payment model will lower reimbursements to agencies by 8%. The results of this reduction — a $1.298 billion cut in home health payments in 2020 alone. This could place many home health agencies at risk of closure, which would greatly reduce access to home health benefits for seniors on Medicare

Home health agencies across the nation, including St. Andrews & Bethesda Home Health, invite you to help us educate our elected officials in the hopes that they will re-evaluate the planned reimbursement reductions.

Participation is easy – you can share your personal story and positive experiences with home health. Your efforts can help to bring the issues facing you and others who have benefitted from the services provided by the home health industry to the forefront of the health care debate.

How to Share Your Story

Sharing your story with your elected officials can help them better understand the importance of home health. Tangible examples provided by those who have experienced the benefits of home health will help them understand the challenges you have faced, as patients and families, to receive the care you need to remain in your home.

When telling your story:

The best way to share your story with an elected official is in person. However, for most, a phone call or an email is much easier. Our U.S. Senators and Representatives are aware of this campaign – and you can identify your Representative on GovTrack’s website.

When you forward your story to your elected official, do not forget to include:

The more participation in the campaign, the better the chance that our elected officials will re-evaluate the reimbursement reduction.

Each of us does make a difference.

Click here to find your Representative, and begin drafting your letter regarding Home Health legislation.

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