Answering Yes to These Questions? Consider Home Care

Bethesda Health | January 21, 2016

There are many signs that your loved one can benefit from home care, when a caregiver come into the home and helps your loved on in their daily routine. When considering home care for your loved one, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. If you answer yes to any of these questions, your loved one may benefit from home care.

Is My Loved One Having Difficulty Dressing?

Have you been noticing that your loved one is wearing the same thing several days in a row? If so, they may be having trouble dressing themselves. If seniors have trouble dressing themselves, they increase their risk of falling trying to change into and out of clothes. A home care assistant can help them dress and undress for their day safely.

Is My Loved One Having Difficulty Making Meals?

If your loved one appears less energetic than they used to be and seems to be losing weight, they may not be getting enough to eat. Check out their kitchen for expired food to get an indication if they’ve been eating or making their own food. If not, home care will be able to go to the grocery and make meals for them that are healthy and nutritious.

Is My Loved One Having Difficulty with Basic Hygiene?

You’ve noticed that your loved one’s hair is noticeably unwashed and perhaps there is a smell about them that indicates they haven’t bathed in a few days. If you cannot safely help them bathe, a home care assistant will be able to step in and make sure your loved one stays clean.

Is My Loved One Having Difficulty Keeping Their Home Clean?

If you walk into your loved one’s home and the first thing you notice is a smell or the level of untidiness that isn’t like them, it may be an indication that they’re having trouble cleaning. A home care assistant can perform basic housecleaning like dishes and vacuuming.

Is My Loved One Not Remembering Their Medications?

Check your loved one’s medication to see if they’ve been taking the right amount on time. If not, they may be forgetting to take them or how to take them. Home care assistants can remind seniors to take the right medications at the right time. Remember, home care is not home health care and home care providers do not give medical assistance or perform medical services.

Is My Loved One Showing Signs of Loneliness or Depression?

If your loved one is showing signs of loneliness or depression, consider home care to give them some companionship when you are unable to visit them. They will be able to talk to them and play games in addition to escorting them to town for shopping or other social activities.

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