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Technologies Helping Older Adults Cope with COVID-19

Jan 12, 2021
As COVID-19 forced people, especially senior adults, into isolation, new ways to meet the physical and emotional needs of seniors had to be employed. Several technologies are helping older adults cope with COVID-19 and the new normal. Online Resources to the Rescue Though the senior adult population still lags behind younger…

Bethesda Providing COVID-19 Vaccines to Residents and Staff

Jan 11, 2021
After weeks of anticipation, the clinics for the staff, residents and patients working at and living in Bethesda communities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are underway. Per the direction provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the first Bethesda groups that will be receiving the vaccine are…

How to Age in Place During COVID-19

Jan 6, 2021
Even under “normal” circumstances, senior adults want to age in their own homes, known as “aging in place.” The pandemic has temporarily eliminated the concept of “normal,” and in many cases has increased the desire of seniors to age in place. Like everyone else, seniors are advised to avoid unnecessary…

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Senior Loved Ones During COVID-19

Nov 5, 2020
Unfortunately, instead of eagerly awaiting the holiday season, many people are pre-occupied with how best to salvage the holidays from COVID-19. After all, we can’t gather together indoors in large groups to celebrate the holidays, without risking a visit from the uninvited, unwelcome, and invisible coronavirus. Let’s consider what we…
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