3 Reasons Why Seniors Participate in Adult Day Care

Bethesda Health | February 5, 2015

St. Louis adult day care provides a safe environment for seniors where they can be part of a community. Seniors may participate in St. Louis adult day services in order to:

Give Primary Caregiver a Break

One reason many choose St. Louis adult day care is to help relieve the stress a senior’s primary caregiver may encounter. Like everyone else, caregivers need breaks for personal time, and taking care of their home and other family members.

Stress can adversely affect both body and mind:

By finding an adult day care to provide respite care, caregivers can have some personal time to recoup and take care of themselves. By finding an adult day care that they can trust, caregivers can be free of worry and know that the needs of their loved ones are being properly addressed.

Socialize and Participate With Others

Adult day care allows seniors to socialize with others their age and participate in activities like outings and gardening. This helps them maintain their independence and interests in a safe environment.

By participating and socializing with others, seniors will feel less isolated and more useful. These positive feelings can help overall health and mental well-being. Studies have shown that seniors who regularly participate in social activities are less likely to develop dementia.

Get Help With Medical Management

Seniors who are in need of help with medical care, such as medication management or physical therapy, can benefit from a St. Louis adult day care program. On-site nurses help seniors with their medication and monitor their overall health.

Adult day may also provide regular exercise routines to help maintain strength and mobility. Exercising helps relieve stress and improve mood.

For assistance caring for your senior loved one, contact Bethesda.

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