Caring for the elderly requires an unlimited supply of patience, skill and commitment from more than 1,100 employees who have dedicated their careers and personal time to improving the lives of others. This noble calling is embraced by Bethesda's employees and volunteers who earn the sincere gratitude of family members, residents and their industry peers every day.

The quality of Bethesda employees is bar none. The Bethesda hiring process ensures that only the most qualified are invited to join the Bethesda team, while continuing education encourages each person to grow professionally and improve their skills. Bethesda earned local recognition as one of St. Louis' best places to work, by Louie Magazine, which recognized Bethesda's generous benefits for part-time employees.

Bethesda's secrets lie in attracting qualified professionals, conducting pre-employment assessments, earning referrals from current employees and always encouraging professional development. The Bethesda Institute, for example, offers instruction on management and health care administration topics as a required program for all managers. Bethesda also presents a variety of optional courses for managers' continued professional growth. Regularly scheduled in-service training is provided to all employees to ensure our staff is apprised of the latest professional practices.

The true lifeblood of the organization, Bethesda employees dedicate their professional careers to caring for the aging. Yet they also demonstrate their personal commitments to seniors by generously donating to the Bethesda Health Group Foundation in support of our residents who have outlived their savings.

If you think you'd fit into the Bethesda family, we invite you to send your resume or complete our online application.