Customer Service

Providing quality care and service to each of our residents and their families is the ultimate goal of every Bethesda employee, and we invest in continuous customer service training to ensure everyone enjoys the best that Bethesda has to offer.

Employees participate in a variety of programs to ensure that the residents continue to enjoy a superior experience. As part of its employee orientation and ongoing training, Bethesda presents the acclaimed "Fish" motivational seminar, as well as "WOW! Customer Service" training.

In addition, the unique Bethesda Institute provides a curriculum of leadership and customer service-related classes available to staff to help further instill the messages and behaviors aligned with outstanding customer service.

We believe that our investment in and dedication to staff training has a direct impact on quality of care. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has found that non-profit providers offer more hours of nursing care per patient each day and are cited for far fewer deficiencies when reviewed than their counterparts.