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Happy 125th Anniversary, Bethesda!!!

Back in 1889, before the discovery of penicillin or the advent of aspirin, Bethesda began serving the St. Louis community by providing care to those unable to care for themselves.

Dementia Series for Care Giver/Partners of Dementia Sufferers

Four weekly lectures by experts in Dementia care at Charless Village Assisted Living in South County specifically designed for caregiver/partners.

Bethesda Named 2013 “Pathways to Greatness” Award Recipient!

This national award, which is only provided to one senior living, care and services organization per year, recognizes quality, innovation and excellence, and the impact that their initiatives and programs have on people’s lives.

Alzheimer’s Expert Views Dementia Treatment in New Ways

Dr. Power approaches dementia not as “the long goodbye” but rather a shift in the way a person experiences the world around them.

Bethesda Dilworth Teams Up with Kirkwood and Crestwood First Responders for Emergency Drill.

Recently, members of the Kirkwood Fire and Police, Crestwood Fire Department and volunteers joined with the Bethesda Dilworth staff to participate in a mock evacuation drill.

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2013 Report to the Community

  Bethesda is very proud of its more than a century-long commitment to the St. Louis community. To learn more about Bethesda's activity in the community, please click on the following link to access "Beyond Bethesda: our Social Accountability report."

Beyond Bethesda - Social Accountability Report