Bethesda Health Group, Inc. - Management Team

Joseph J. Brinker
President and Chief Executive Officer
R. Kenneth Bass
Senior Vice President, Senior Living
Roger T. Byrne
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Larry D. Hickman
Senior Vice President, Administrative Services, and Chief Information Officer
Katherine E. Joslin
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Marketing
Amy J. Trau, RN, BSN, MSHSA, MBA
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Services
Pamela E. Dempski
Corporate Vice President and Director of Fund Development
Christine E. Crouch, RN
VP & Senior Administrator
Bethesda Southgate and Charless Village
Kevin L. Curry
Vice President and
Corporate Compliance Officer
Michelle M. Glass
Vice President and Director
Bethesda Home and Community Based Services
Scott A. Middelkamp
Vice President, Business Process Improvement
Muriel C. Van Oordt
Vice President and Senior Administrator
Bethesda Dilworth
Jeffrey R. Waldman
Vice President and Director of Marketing
Candice E. Brown
Bethesda Meadow